Hand Fudge for Men


Every winter many Tradies suffer from sore, dried cracked hands as a result of working in the cold harsh winter weather.

More often than not most men ignore the problem as they don’t want to appear soft or they just don’t know what to do or who can help. They are sick of being ripped off and just want an easy solution.

Great news - we can help you with your sore, cracked, dry hands.

Our natural moisturisers are nurturing to your dry skin and they are great at healing skin irritations and problems like cracks in your skin.

The moisturising lotion bars look like a cake of soap and come in a little tin so you can keep it in your car or toolbox without hesitation. 

The ingredients used are all natural - there are no synthetics, harmful chemicals, toxins or anything artificial - so it won’t irritate your skin. In fact, the ingredients we use are designed to not only nurture dry skin but they are well recognised for their healing benefits.

We have had really good feedback on the success of our moisturising lotion bars from bricklayers, carpenters and builders.

Stop putting up with rough, cracked hands every winter. You will be able to get more done at work, your wife will love your soft caresses and you can get rid of your calluses.


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