Clay & Oatmeal with Lavender Shower Melt


These clay and lavender shower melts are lovely on your skin for a fresh deep cleanse feeling.  They leave your skin looking great and are easy to use. The ground oatmeal just gives that extra bit of exfoliation and oats are so incredibly good for your skin as they moisturise, have healing benefits and are anti-inflammatory as well as anti-itching. 

Just take one Shower Melt into the shower with you and gently rub over your body. These are soft and mouldable and you will find that as you use it you can just roll it into a smaller ball as it will decrease in size through use.

Please note the image is not typical of the Clay Melts as the Shower Melts have crushed oatmeal and lavender bud; the shape and size however is correct.


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