Best Sellers & Your Favourites

The two most favourite face balms are without a doubt the Rosehip & Pomegranate Face balm and the most popular Ricebran, Rosehip and Raspberry Face balm. Used by women of all ages these two face balms are naturally hydrating and leave your skin glowing. Numerous women such as "Margaret" have come back into the shop to show me their improved skin. Claudia said "Hands down the best moisturiser I've ever used!"

 The Moisturising Lotion Bars have a huge following and you love the Lemongrass, the Lavender Vanilla, and the Almond Shea most. The common response is "Wow they make your hands so soft", "wow it soaks right in". It is a very common thing for someone to purchase one and then within a week or two order several more online or in-store so they can give them to friends.

One of the most popular summer products. You love the feel and scent of this hydrating body oil. Best used to rehydrate your skin and put the nourishment back. Moisturises and rehydrates, but is not greasy or sticky, so you tell me.

Ultimate Serum - The vitamin tablet for your skin with Green Tea, Borage, Seabuckthorn and Rosehip. You said you loved the results and that you only need to use such a small amount.

This is a HUGE favourite - "Intense Herbal Serum" an evening / eye facial serum that has produced incredible results. Jenny had sought for 6 weeks help with a skin irritation under her eyes and above her top lip. She had spent heaps on other products and not achieved results but was incredibly happy with the results from this after just 1 -2 weeks. Those using this product very quickly become avid fans.