What do you think was the biggest fear I had to overcome in starting my business? May 25 2017

Recently I was involved in a discussion online about what fear have you overcome that could have held you or your business back?  

Initially I couldn’t think of anything and then I woke up the next day and remembered a huge fear that I had had to overcome in the shop.  Early on in the business one of my daughters made a comment to me “Mum whether you like it or not you are the face of the business!” I hated this, I mean absolutely hated this because I felt so self-conscious and lacking.

Starting a natural skincare shop of course people come into the shop and being the owner of the business of course they ask me questions and naturally check out my skin and my face. 

Initially, I always felt self-conscious and felt like I didn’t meet the expected criteria, but then after a time I realised there are so many women like me. I had a choice to make, either I could let fear control my life and hold me back in my business or I could get over it and not only help myself but help other women to feel good about themselves too. 

I decided that I would build my dream business of helping women put natural products on their skin that not only feels good on their skin but also help them to feel good about themselves. It’s not about having perfect skin, it’s not about turning back the clock and pretending we’re twenty years younger but it is about believing in ourselves and accepting where we’re at and how we look today.

I’m in those years that some call the “middle years”, “women of a certain age” “mature skin years” all of these paint a picture that tries to tell us we are past it but I believe we should embrace our skin and who we are now. Smile lines, frown lines, sun damage and our own genes all show on our face but this is our stamp of who we are and what we’ve overcome. I wake up excited about life, happy to be alive and living in paradise and I hope this is reflected on my face.

You see it’s not about how many wrinkles you have or don’t have, or whether you meet society’s rules of what is beautiful, but more importantly it’s about you feeling that you are beautiful because you were created beautiful, and just as in nature beauty is so varied, so with us our beauty changes and grows and develops as we grow and age.  

I am happy to tell you that I now accept that I am the face of my business and my only wish is that you always see a happy face when you come to my shop. I love my business and I love serving women and hopefully imparting a bit of joy and beauty into their day.

Is there something, a fear that has been holding you back? Let it go, face up to it and become all that you can be. It might take you a while but if you take one step at a time you will get there in the end.