We don't sell fear but we hope you will Naturally want to buy from us... March 21 2017

There are a lot of articles out there advising you about the hidden toxic ingredients in many cosmetics and personal care products and whilst we're also very concerned about this and the cost it has on our health we prefer to focus on what we love.

We love Nature. We love natural solutions, we love using products on our skin that are freshly made and made with love. We love using ingredients that are cold pressed oils and ingredients that have beneficial healing and health properties to them. We love supporting the purchase of ingredients that come from countries where we are supporting the employment of women and that encourage free trade. Our products are never tested on animals but they are tested on humans. 

We love our bodies and we want you to love your body,  your face, your skin right now, just the way you are now. We strongly support pro-ageing and are not ashamed of our age but we also recognise the damage the environment and particularly the sun damage that has resulted in prem-mature ageing in our sunburnt country. We believe that we can be stylish and graceful at any age and we aim to show you that every time you visit our store.

We love serving you and encouraging you in your journey into using natural products that hydrate, soothe, nourish and leave your skin looking radiant. 

Most of all we love our incredibly loyal customers who make working in our shop and our online store so much fun.