There Is A Beautiful Swan In Every One of Us Please Let Her Show.... March 10 2017

Remember the story you were told as a little girl about the ugly duckling that grew up being teased and felt ugly because she was different to the other ducks but then as she grew older she changed and her true beauty started to show and then one day she realised she was a beautiful Swan and not an ugly duckling. 

How often have you felt like you were the ugly duckling? How often have you thought to yourself that you are different and not like the other women around you?

You think there is nothing special about you and you’re not even sure if you have any talents or gifts. The truth is, you have no idea of your true self worth and value and thus are hiding your beautiful self.

I see women like this all the time and my heart goes out to them because I can really relate to these inferiority feelings. We grow up being told how important it is to fit in, to make sure we get along with people and to be nice, which of course are all true and important values but we should know that we don’t have to fulfill this at the cost of being true to ourselves, we can have it both ways.

Fulfilling your destiny and being true to yourself allows you to truly shine. When you know who you are and you have the confidence and strength to stand up for who you are and what you want out of life that is when you truly shine and your beauty is exposed. It takes courage and strength to take that first small step to becoming your dream self but look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are worth it and that the world needs to know the true you.

Perhaps you were like me and grew up in an environment where no-one told you you were capable or talented or attractive. For most of my adult life I was in an environment where we were encouraged to be strong, diligent, disciplined in our values and to pursue character which were all very worthwhile goals but do you know I was 49 years old before anyone ever told me I was attractive.

My ex-husband told me as our marriage unfolded that “I scrubbed up well for an old girl” then one day at a social event a friend asked me why I was single when I was so attractive. Really??

I was absolutely astonished that she thought I was attractive but I had noticed a few people had made similar comments to me recently which got me thinking how come I am now in my middle years and only finding this out now?

I realised that too often this value of being “beautiful” on the inside is advocated so strongly that we don’t tell people that they are gorgeous and that we love their hair, eyes, or sense of style.

Vanity and pride are frequently admonished as “sins to avoid” and thus feeling good about who you are or what you look like is strongly frowned upon.

This is of course ridiculous because everything created in nature is beautiful and has it’s own natural beauty and is a joy to look at when we take the time to look. The universe around us was designed as one big art work for us to enjoy.  

Looking good and feeling good about ourselves should be a part of who we are. I truly believe that there is a Swan inside every single one of us just waiting to be shown.

You are not being vain, proud, arrogant or selfish when you decide to accept who you are and rejoice in that. You are simply becoming confident, enthusiastic about life and the possibilities in life. You are daring to take the risk that life can be good and beautiful even for someone like you.

Whilst I do strongly advocate being a beautiful person in your heart and your values I also believe that we should be able to feel good about how we look and who we are on the outside. I think we should enjoy life and do everything in our power to be the best version of our self so that we inspire, encourage and motivate those around us, but most of all just so that we feel good about who we are. You are divine so stop trying to hide it.

If you have previously wondered about your worth, what your purpose is or where you fit in know that you were created with the gorgeous personality that you have for the world to enjoy YOU. 

Look your best, be your best and feel good about who you are because that way you will be a blessing to those around you and hopefully be inspired to feel good about yourself. 

Joy to you. xx