Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant & Fresh in Hot Weather January 30 2017

 Coming into summer, we become more conscious of protecting our skin against the harsh Australian elements. Have you noticed how quickly you can burn on these hot summer days? Another issue many experience during the summer time is a glow or oily shine on those warm humid day. So how do we keep this under control and our skin looking radiant but cool? Here are some practical tips to help you glow naturally this summer and appear cool.


Keeping your skin hydrated and looking fresh is certainly a challenge in the summer months but with a little bit of know-how it’s not too difficult. One of the fastest ways to rehydrate your skin is with Aloe Vera, so spraying an Aloe Spritz on your skin will keep you both feeling and looking fresh. Keep a handy spritz in your bag and spritz yourself as needed when you go outside. When you arrive at home or work make sure you refrigerate your spritz to keep it performing at its best and to maintain the longevity. 


Most people think that it’s important to exfoliate in the winter months but tend to forget in the summer time, but have you ever noticed that your skin is a bit oilier in the summertime? During those hot summer days, your body is sweating more and excreting more fluids and toxins. On top of that if your skin is dry your body will over-compensate for the dryness by producing more sebum and thus you get this oily film on your skin, which looks greasy and shiny. It’s therefore important to exfoliate even more so in the summer months so that you slough off those dead skin cells and that extra body oil. A great way to do this is to get into the habit of having a gentle, regular exfoliating routine and a weekly mask for a deep cleanse. This will keep your skin looking young and fresh as the new skin cells can shine through once you’ve cleansed away all the dead skin and surplus oils. 


With the harsh summer sun drying out your skin it’s really important to replenish the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. During the summer months using light oils that penetrate deeply into your skin and keeping your skin soft and moisturised is key to looking young and radiant. There are particular oils that are more beneficial for your skin and that have a natural UV protection such as Rice Bran Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Camelia Oil just to name a few. Tamanu oil is slightly heavier, but is a fantastic oil with really great healing and protection benefits. It does have a stronger scent, but it’s worth purchasing a body oil with this oil included if you can. Use a a serum on your skin daily in the summer time as the feel is lighter, but the oils will penetrate deeply keeping your skin hydrated and protecting your skin against further sun damage, which in turn protects you from premature aging. Keep your skin hydrated and nourished as you go from air conditioned buildings into the harsh sun by reapplying your moisturiser regularly or spritzing with a hydrating skin spritz. 

Nurture after the sun

Of course, as much as we all try to protect ourselves from sunburn there are the occasional times when we still have to deal with it. Keeping some Aloe Vera, a cucumber, or milk in your fridge as natural soothers will help immensely. We’re all familiar with the great hydrating benefits of Aloe Vera and many know Aloe is great for burns, but so too is the juice of a cucumber as its soothing and cooling benefits will help to repair the damage from the sun naturally. Cucumbers have both analgesic and antioxidant compounds, which will help to soothe sunburn pain when applied regularly to the warm skin.

Another option is to apply milk to your sunburn, which most of us have in the fridge, as the coolness of the milk is soothing to your skin and the protein film aids in easing the discomfort of the burn. 


There are numerous natural sunscreens readily available now and so it makes sense to make use of them as the sun is a main factor in wrinkles and premature aging. The best thing you can do though is wear a hat and dress appropriately. It may not be fashionable to wear a hat at all times but if you truly want to look your best you may want to start the fashion of wearing a hat every time you go out in these hot summer days. You can’t have too much sun protection. Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can, but dress appropriately.

Hopefully these natural tips will help you to breeze through the hot summer days a little easier and keep you looking fresh and radiant at all times. 





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