Forever Young... What are the Key contributors to younger looking skin? February 16 2017

Forever Young... 

What are the key contributors to younger looking skin?

I love it when research confirms that the way we look and age is in our own hands and not just about the genes we inherited. A recent study by Proctor & Gamble’s Olay brand and 23andMe genetics company, found that the key factors which defined those with younger looking skin were that they applied sun protection to their skin, and they had a positive attitude. Of those who were told they looked 10 years (or more) younger than their actual age, most were in the over 60 age bracket. There were over 155,000 participants in the study and the main take out from the study was that lifestyle really matters.

Interestingly, participants identified as having younger looking skin were found to be those who had a positive outlook on life, with over 30% of those with good attitudes having youthful looking skin. This is good news for those who believe that your 'thoughts really do become things'. Personally though, I would like to have seen a higher percentage than just 30%. I think confidence in yourself is another contributor to a youthful glow, but they haven’t mentioned that in the results. 

Those who didn't fare so well were those with diet, smoking, tanning, lack of sleep or weight issues. "Women who frequently or always suffer from dry skin were 30% less likely to be an exceptional skin ager." 

This is incredibly good news and is something to get excited about because it means even if you did tan too much or have the wrong diet or smoke you can change your habits and improve the appearance of your skin. Dry skin is easily corrected and hydrated with the right products. 

I often hear comments such as "it’s too late for me", or "I never bothered when I was young". But that is the great thing, it isn’t too late to change things, and it's never to late to get healthy radiant looking skin.

One of the wonderful things about using natural products is the fact that the serums and oils penetrate into your skin and hydrate and nourish deeply. In fact several of the botanical serums we use are very similar to the natural sebum that your skin was producing when you were younger, so these skin loving oils have many benefits for you.   

As you may have noticed we also infuse many recognised super foods into our moisturisers and cleansers to help reduce inflammation and redness, whilst also providing added benefits to assist with your skins elasticity and prevent premature aging.
There is a lot happening in the natural beauty industry but one thing to be aware of is the importance of looking at the ingredients. Not everything that looks to be natural is actually natural or is necessarily good for you. Crude oil is a natural resource. So is Arsenic. But you wouldn't want to put either of those on your skin! Skin-loving plant based oils and serums will nourish and hydrate your skin, so looking for these ingredients should always be your first concern.

So, what’s my pick for this month?

I’m absolutely loving our 
Flawless Moisturiser. I know many of you use the Luxe Moisturiser and I love the Luxe too, but as I was one of those who (previously) loved to sit in the sun a lot, I really need the extra help of the Gotu Kola herb to repair the damage. I’m using it at night and loving the results.

In the shower this month I’m crazy about the new
Clay Wash Bars. These are round bars (like the lotion bars) that are a mix of clay and butters and give the absolutely best cleanse to your skin. Especially this time of year! These are also a quick and easy alternative to the clay facemasks.

Finally of course, I'm currently using a lot of our 
Aloe & Cucumber After Sun Skincare!!! Love this lotion for it’s freshness and rehydrating ability. A true summer essential.

You will find all of these products online at

I hope you are all in great health and happiness. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any personal questions or needs.

Take care and enjoy the last of these beautiful summer days.

Founder and Director
Three Wise Mums