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Dry Skin, Eczema, Rosacea, Premature Ageing, Dehydrated and Flaking skin are all the result of an impaired unhealthy skin barrier. We don’t usually think about our skin barrier but as the largest organ of our body we should take it’s maintenance and well being into consideration.

 Why is it important to maintain a healthy skin barrier?

Well for 2 reasons one being that our skin is the barrier that was designed to stop bacteria and allergens from penetrating and secondly it also prevents trans epidermal water loss which is needed to maintain a healthy level of moisture in our skin. Good hydration is extremely important for a healthy skin barrier so keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is important to your skin’s health.

 Some of the signs of a compromised skin barrier that needs repair can be:

  • Flakey skin - a typical sign of dehydrated skin
  • Tight skin - the result of dry skin
  • Redness -generally a sign of skin inflammation that the skin barrier has been unable to prevent from penetrating
  • Itchiness - the classic winter sign that your skin barrier is damaged, and when the skin is scratched this can result in inflammation and redness and further damage to the skin barrier. 

When your skin barrier is damaged you have lost valuable lipids that are like the glue that sits between the skin cells so you need to replace these valuable lipids to your skin. One way is to apply topically “skin identical” ingredients that will help to repair the skin barrier. 

Some “skin identical” and repair ingredients that can help with the healthy maintenance of your skin barrier are :

Beeswax which is an occlusive ingredient so it puts a barrier on your skin sealing moisture into the skin whilst preventing water loss,

Jojoba & Olive Squalane are identical to human sebum and act as great lubricants giving the skin a smooth appearance,

Triglycerides rich oil such as Castor Seed Oil which is extremely moisturising, and most significantly and of incredible benefit is linoleic acid which is found in oils such as Ricebran, Sunflower, Raspberry, Rosehip & Evening Primrose oils. 

Environmental damage from harsh winds, the sun, dry air, or heating and harsh soaps can also strip our skin of the beneficial oils and impair the skin barrier so this is why it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

If you want to begin to repair your skin barrier use “skin identical” and barrier repair ingredients such as Shea butter, beeswax, glycerin, olive squalane, and coconut oil which are beneficial to your skin. You will find the best way to keep your skin barrier in good health and protected so it looks and feels great is by using a mix of ingredients.  

A good moisturiser with these ingredients will assist with the healing, protection and restoration of your skin barrier. These ingredients topically applied will help to stop dryness, premature ageing, dryness and sensitivity from skin irritations.  

You can apply these not only on your body through body butters and body oils but you will find that many of these are in good lip balms and hand lotions. 

So if you identified with any of the skin irritations mentioned at the beginning hopefully you can now start to treat your symptoms naturally and see a difference in your skin. We do recognize of course that we are simply treating symptoms and not healing a disease but this can and should bring you some relief as the weather starts to turn cool and inflames these skin conditions. 

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