Spring Cleanse Your Skin September 09 2015

It's that time of year that we are doing a big Spring cleanse around the house and looking to freshen things up and this is a great time to give yourself a skin detox and cleanse.

We see all the fresh buds on the trees, the new little lambs running around in the paddocks and there is a freshness and newness about Spring that is enticing. The scent of flowers, the blue skies and the fresh air encourage us that beautiful warm days are on the way. 

Spend some time pampering yourself with a Facial Steam, then continue the cleanse with a deep cleansing face mask that will draw out the toxins and then finally rehydrate your skin with a beautiful serum or face balm. 

Treat the rest of your body to a scrub or soak in the bath with some salts, milk, herbs and gorgeous scents.

Finally moisturise and rehydrate your skin with a nourishing moisturiser. Gently rub the oils into your skin and breathe in the scents of nature. Massage the natural oils into your skin and remind yourself of the Goddess you are. Your natural beauty is enhanced by natural products and a little bit of pampering is good for your soul so enjoy yourself.