Country Fresh & Made Naturally!!! February 24 2015

If you agree that buying natural handmade skincare made in the beautiful countryside is as good as buying fish and chips at the beach then you are going to love us.

Do you love the smell of freshly mown grass? Do you enjoy being outdoors and seeing the beauty of nature? Do you want to touch the petals of a rose and just bask in their softness and divine scent?

If so at Three Wise Mum’s we are the same as you. We love nature and delight in the natural solutions provided by Mother Nature. We combine our love of herbs and nature with our skincare products. There is absolutely nothing artificial, toxic or synthetic used in our products.

Much of the herbs and flowers that we use in our skincare products are grown here in Cobargo. If we aren’t able to provide it ourselves we buy it off the local organic growers and gardeners.

As a nature loving mum who has grown up in this great Sunburnt country my skin was neglected, dry and frequently cooked. I grew up in an age when as a teenager we would slather on the baby oil and then lie out in the sunshine and cook our skin to that nice brown tan.

As time passed being a busy mum there were just too many other important things to deal with and my skin just wasn’t a priority so it wasn’t until I was about 40 years old that I really started to be concerned with the condition of my skin.

Finding a solution that was natural, Australian made and fit within my budget wasn’t easy so I decided to make my own. The more I experimented, studied, researched it and implemented the more I fell in love with the natural range of oils and creams that I could make.

Of course I wanted to share my love of nature with my family and friends and so from there has grown the range of products that are now readily available in our Three Wise Mums store. (If you haven’t visited our store, you are truly missing out!!)

At Three Wise Mums not only are our products made in Australia but they are made for the Aussie woman. We take pride in being creative and stylish. Our products are natural but are not in the least without style or character. Nature is full of beauty and pizzaz and we try to incorporate that into our shop, our presentation and our products.

If you enjoy nature, all things natural and handmade luxurious quality products then drop in to see us at 55 Princess Highway Cobargo NSW 2550 or visit us online at


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