Why use natural skincare? September 03 2014


That’s a good question. If you are someone who wants to take control of what you put on your skin or maybe you just want to enjoy the best that nature can offer you whatever your reason for looking at natural skin care solutions we want to encourage you in your decision.


Maybe you’re just like me, someone who is aware of what they put on their skin, is environmentally conscious and just enjoys the goodness derived from natural ingredients that have been used for generations. I love the ancient traditions that have been practiced for years the history of the basic goodness in natural ingredients and the pure goodness of using ingredients that will balance my skin and natural wellness. When you feel good about your skin, your appearance and your wellbeing you radiate a feeling of contentment that is noticeable to others.


Natural herbs and ingredients are nourishing, pampering, cleansing and fragrant which is soothing to your spirit and soul.


Using natural products gives you the power to be in control of what you put on your skin. We live in a world that is becoming more and more conscious about what we put in our bodies food wise, we are conscious of the environment and the footprint we leave and yet so many people give so little thought to the toxic cocktails they put on their skin everyday. The harsh chemicals and toxic synthetics not only absorb into your skin but frequently they remain in your system. More and more evidence and studies are showing that the chemicals and toxins from various products are affecting our health and are even destroying our hormonal balance and reproductive systems. When we put pesticides, formaldehyde and mechanical coolants which are used in many skin care products on our skin they soak in. Obviously this has an affect. Think about the damage we see to the rivers and oceans when there is an oil spill and the destruction that results from that. Why do we think applying those products to our bodies will have a different result?


For thousands of years the benefits of herbs, oils and butters were applied to pamper and nourish the skin and we encourage you to continue with these traditions. Let us help you to discover the natural secrets that will benefit and nourish your skin. We are all individual and our lifestyle affects our skin so we welcome the opportunity to tailor a skin package that is suited to your skin and your lifestyle commitments.


Enjoy life.