The Language of Mums - a mothers day reminder September 03 2014

When I was growing up I thought the way my Mum spoke was normal but even so I was very impressed with her special abilities such as the way she could converse with animals as she frequently told me " a little birdie told me so" or her special ability to see with eyes in the back of her head. She spoke with clarity and authority "don't you lie to me" and "if I wanted your opinion I would ask for it."

There were times though when Mum seemed to doubt my ability to understand her as she frequently said " what don't you understand about NO" or "answer me when I ask you a question" or "am I talking to a brick wall or are you deaf?"

Despite this Mum was easy to get along with as you always knew just what she wanted - "tidy up that room it looks like a pig stye, don't leave the door open you weren't born in a tent, don't make me come in there!

Of course the family rules were really about keeping us all safe - Beds were not made for jumping on, don't eat that, you'll get worms, don't sit to close to the TV you'll get square eyes, I didn't ask who put it there I said pick it up.

Mum encouraged us to be ourselves but she was good enough to give us some guidance with our fashion statements " are you really going out looking like that" or  "no child of mine is going out looking like that."

What I really appreciate the most though are the words of wisdom that she imparted to us - "Always wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident, "don't pull a face or the wind will change and it will stay that way", "how do you know you  don't like it if you haven't tasted it" and finally "I hope someday you have children just like you."

Because really where would we be without our mums "because I bought you into this world and I can take you right back out."

Mums they make us laugh, make us cry, they infuriate us with their advice and words of wisdom but despite all that they never stop loving us, are always there for us and are our greatest treasure.

This Mothers day make sure you let your Mum know how special she is to you.

I think back to all those things my mum used to say and they make me laugh and I know I have probably used some of them with my girls.

Mums are so much a part of our everyday life that sometimes we just take them for granted but take the time to let your mum know just how special she is to you. It doesn’t take much time or effort to say Mum I love you.