Itchy skin September 03 2014


I grew up in North Western Australia as a young child when it was truly still the wild West. There wasn't much in the way of towns and communities and shops were few and far between. It was an incredibly beautiful place to grow up in though. My sisters and I often played amongst silver gumtrees and magical leaves. The sun always shone and the sky was blue but unfortunately despite all the natural beauty there was also a down side, the soil was rich in minerals that affected my skin.

I recall on a daily basis my mum would have to pop my blistered pussy sores and wrap bandages around my arms and legs to try to prevent infections. Something in this beautiful country side was terribly harsh on my soft young skin and my skin hated it. Eventually Mum and Dad relocated to the City and this became a very rare problem for me.

I continued to have sensitive skin growing up but I never again had such a terrible reaction. Detergents, various fabrics, perfumes and a variety of skin products did however make life itchy or peeling for me. I was / am constantly on guard against these irritants and avoid them wherever possible.

For many people though such episodes of pain, itching and sores are a daily issue to be dealt with. I am frequently contacted by people who have Eczema or their children have it. For some it is the appearance that concerns them and for others it is the discomfort  that bothers them but whatever the reason there are many people who need help controlling these issues.

We have had incredible success and feedback from our Coconut and Shea butter Moisturising lotion bar. I have had multiple people contact me and tell me how it has healed their skin. We've had people with eczema show us healed clear skin and we've had people with serious skin irritations show us great results.

We do not claim to be Doctors or Chemist's or any such thing we are simply using the gifts of Mother Nature to their best use. We don't add any chemicals or preservatives and the whole process is kept as pure and simple as possible.

I make no false claims regarding these products I simply tell it based on the feed back I have received and I believe the proof is in the pudding.