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Share the Natural love with your Valued Customers and Loved ones this year....

Now that you've fallen in love with our Natural Skin Care and discovered how lovely it is to have soft healthy glowing skin, why not share the glow with your family and valued customers this Christmas.
When you send one of our Gift boxes you will send a gift box that is full of natural goodness and is beautifully presented. We even let you create a gift box to your design or you can choose from our selection PLUS we work to your budget so there is no financial pressure or hassle.

If you need a bit of inspiration, you can check out our website or call in to one of our stores at Cobargo or Merimbula or better still phone Angela to have a chat and blaze your own trail.

We are already receiving orders from the Switched on Businesses and customers who have seen our gift boxes and know about our discounts. Order now or at least start the conversation to receive 15% off your Order, because if you leave it too long you will miss out.

Gift Box - Unisex
This can have a range of summer products such as our
Mosquit-Go, After Sun Skin care, Moisturising Lotion Bar, Spritz OR
Body Butter, Face Moisturiser, Lip Balm.
Or you can make a combination of your own.

Starting from $50.00
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Summer Skin Care
Some ideas for this gift box could be
After Sun Skin Care, Spritz, Body Scrub, Footgel OR
Mosquit-go, Aloe Vera Body Butter, Foot gel, or Moisturising Lotion Bar
Or you can make a combination of your own.

Starting from $60.00
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Premium Skin Care
This is for the lovers of style, luxury and pampering -
Face Mousse, Eye Serum and Body Oil (this already is a saving) OR
Facebalm, Body Butter, Cleanser, Spritz, Lipbalm OR
You can make a combination of your own liking..ORDER NOW TO RECEIVE 15% DISCOUNT
Starting from $100.00
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"Flower Floss" the Face Range that got me Remarkable Results June 06 2017

How to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles this winter....

I have spent the last few months working on a skincare range of products formulated to nourish and rejuvenate your skin but that would also feel light and fluffy.
I spent heaps of time researching, testing, learning, experimenting and thinking, thinking some more and then formulated my ideas.

I was particularly excited about the ingredients I was going to work with as they seemed to have such incredible benefits. I was hopeful that I would be able to formulate a moisturiser and serum that would be light on your skin, smell divine and help to make our skin look glowing and radiant.

A friend had jokingly said to me at breakfast one morning that I should call my products "Fairy floss for your face" we were discussing some product ideas at the time and it just really appealed to me. I wondered how could I formulate a face mousse that was intensely moisturising, repairing and yet still felt light? What ingredients would help someone like me who had a lot of sun damage and fine lines and wrinkles under their eyes? Could I really use 100% natural ingredients and deal with this issue for myself? 

The key ingredients we have used in our new moisturisers and serums are a mix of old favourites  Jojoba, Apricot Oil, Watermelon Seed Oil, Hibiscus flower macerated in Macadamia oil, and some super new five star ingredients such as Prickly Pear which is higher in Vitamin E than any other oil, Kakadu Plum which is incredibly rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin C and Kokum butter which has amazing healing properties for our skin. Of course our secret ingredient in the Serum is made from fermented Corn, a bacteria that is organic and truly remarkable.
In keeping with the fairy floss theme I wanted to make the moisturiser pink so we added a pink Kaolin clay which also helps to make the moisturiser feel light as well as add colour and texture and the divine scents of Blue Lotus, Neroli and Ylang Ylang have been used individually or collectively depending on the product. The scent is soft but very addictive.

So I made the products and was initially happy with the texture, scent and quality of the products. What I wasn't ready for was the amazing results. Even though I had hoped to create a product that would help with the wrinkles I was very pleasantly surprised at how good our serum was and the moisturiser really complimented it.

I started off testing the serum on just the right side of my face to see if I could see a noticeable difference and after only three days of using the Serum the visible difference between the two sides of my face was truly amazing. I decided after three days to no longer only use the serum on the right side as the difference was so visible so I then began applying to my whole face. The above photo shows the results after only1 day and the right side only and then after 5 days of using the serum and moisturiser on my whole face.  I feel like I've lost about 10 years off my face. The crows feet have gone, the road map of fine lines under my eyes has virtually gone, certainly diminished incredibly and even the lines along side my nose have reduced.  I'm not IT savvy enough and not a technical person to be able to photo shop or touch up the photo's in fact I personally believe that the photo's don't actually do the products real justice because in real life the results are amazing.

In celebration of this we have put a pack together that will have a huge discount on the 50ml Serum. You can buy the products individually or as a pack 
Flower Floss Face Mousse 50gm is $50.00,
Flower Floss Face Serum 15ml is $35.00 or  "Special Offer" - $70.00 for the 50ml which is more than three times as much with a 35% discount.
Flower Floss Body Oil is 100ml is $35.00
Flower Floss Body Butter 150gm $35.00
Flower Floss Pack = 1 x "Special" Serum, 1 x Face Mousse, 1 x Body Oil = $135.00 (Limited Time) plus postage $143.00.

What do you think was the biggest fear I had to overcome in starting my business? May 25 2017

Recently I was involved in a discussion online about what fear have you overcome that could have held you or your business back?  

Initially I couldn’t think of anything and then I woke up the next day and remembered a huge fear that I had had to overcome in the shop.  Early on in the business one of my daughters made a comment to me “Mum whether you like it or not you are the face of the business!” I hated this, I mean absolutely hated this because I felt so self-conscious and lacking.

Starting a natural skincare shop of course people come into the shop and being the owner of the business of course they ask me questions and naturally check out my skin and my face. 

Initially, I always felt self-conscious and felt like I didn’t meet the expected criteria, but then after a time I realised there are so many women like me. I had a choice to make, either I could let fear control my life and hold me back in my business or I could get over it and not only help myself but help other women to feel good about themselves too. 

I decided that I would build my dream business of helping women put natural products on their skin that not only feels good on their skin but also help them to feel good about themselves. It’s not about having perfect skin, it’s not about turning back the clock and pretending we’re twenty years younger but it is about believing in ourselves and accepting where we’re at and how we look today.

I’m in those years that some call the “middle years”, “women of a certain age” “mature skin years” all of these paint a picture that tries to tell us we are past it but I believe we should embrace our skin and who we are now. Smile lines, frown lines, sun damage and our own genes all show on our face but this is our stamp of who we are and what we’ve overcome. I wake up excited about life, happy to be alive and living in paradise and I hope this is reflected on my face.

You see it’s not about how many wrinkles you have or don’t have, or whether you meet society’s rules of what is beautiful, but more importantly it’s about you feeling that you are beautiful because you were created beautiful, and just as in nature beauty is so varied, so with us our beauty changes and grows and develops as we grow and age.  

I am happy to tell you that I now accept that I am the face of my business and my only wish is that you always see a happy face when you come to my shop. I love my business and I love serving women and hopefully imparting a bit of joy and beauty into their day.

Is there something, a fear that has been holding you back? Let it go, face up to it and become all that you can be. It might take you a while but if you take one step at a time you will get there in the end.





A New Season Another Reason.... April 19 2017

Dry Skin, Eczema, Rosacea, Premature Ageing, Dehydrated and Flaking skin are all the result of an impaired unhealthy skin barrier. We don’t usually think about our skin barrier but as the largest organ of our body we should take it’s maintenance and well being into consideration.

 Why is it important to maintain a healthy skin barrier?

Well for 2 reasons one being that our skin is the barrier that was designed to stop bacteria and allergens from penetrating and secondly it also prevents trans epidermal water loss which is needed to maintain a healthy level of moisture in our skin. Good hydration is extremely important for a healthy skin barrier so keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated is important to your skin’s health.

 Some of the signs of a compromised skin barrier that needs repair can be:

  • Flakey skin - a typical sign of dehydrated skin
  • Tight skin - the result of dry skin
  • Redness -generally a sign of skin inflammation that the skin barrier has been unable to prevent from penetrating
  • Itchiness - the classic winter sign that your skin barrier is damaged, and when the skin is scratched this can result in inflammation and redness and further damage to the skin barrier. 

When your skin barrier is damaged you have lost valuable lipids that are like the glue that sits between the skin cells so you need to replace these valuable lipids to your skin. One way is to apply topically “skin identical” ingredients that will help to repair the skin barrier. 

Some “skin identical” and repair ingredients that can help with the healthy maintenance of your skin barrier are :

Beeswax which is an occlusive ingredient so it puts a barrier on your skin sealing moisture into the skin whilst preventing water loss,

Jojoba & Olive Squalane are identical to human sebum and act as great lubricants giving the skin a smooth appearance,

Triglycerides rich oil such as Castor Seed Oil which is extremely moisturising, and most significantly and of incredible benefit is linoleic acid which is found in oils such as Ricebran, Sunflower, Raspberry, Rosehip & Evening Primrose oils. 

Environmental damage from harsh winds, the sun, dry air, or heating and harsh soaps can also strip our skin of the beneficial oils and impair the skin barrier so this is why it’s important to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

If you want to begin to repair your skin barrier use “skin identical” and barrier repair ingredients such as Shea butter, beeswax, glycerin, olive squalane, and coconut oil which are beneficial to your skin. You will find the best way to keep your skin barrier in good health and protected so it looks and feels great is by using a mix of ingredients.  

A good moisturiser with these ingredients will assist with the healing, protection and restoration of your skin barrier. These ingredients topically applied will help to stop dryness, premature ageing, dryness and sensitivity from skin irritations.  

You can apply these not only on your body through body butters and body oils but you will find that many of these are in good lip balms and hand lotions. 

So if you identified with any of the skin irritations mentioned at the beginning hopefully you can now start to treat your symptoms naturally and see a difference in your skin. We do recognize of course that we are simply treating symptoms and not healing a disease but this can and should bring you some relief as the weather starts to turn cool and inflames these skin conditions. 

Suggested Products:

Silky Hand Balm

Moisturising Lotion Bars

Body Butters particularly the Jasmine, Addiction, Avocado

Lip balms

Hydrating Body Oil with Seabuckthorn and Evening Primrose Oil

Nourish Body Oil with Camelia and Jojoba Oils NEW





We don't sell fear but we hope you will Naturally want to buy from us... March 21 2017

There are a lot of articles out there advising you about the hidden toxic ingredients in many cosmetics and personal care products and whilst we're also very concerned about this and the cost it has on our health we prefer to focus on what we love.

We love Nature. We love natural solutions, we love using products on our skin that are freshly made and made with love. We love using ingredients that are cold pressed oils and ingredients that have beneficial healing and health properties to them. We love supporting the purchase of ingredients that come from countries where we are supporting the employment of women and that encourage free trade. Our products are never tested on animals but they are tested on humans. 

We love our bodies and we want you to love your body,  your face, your skin right now, just the way you are now. We strongly support pro-ageing and are not ashamed of our age but we also recognise the damage the environment and particularly the sun damage that has resulted in prem-mature ageing in our sunburnt country. We believe that we can be stylish and graceful at any age and we aim to show you that every time you visit our store.

We love serving you and encouraging you in your journey into using natural products that hydrate, soothe, nourish and leave your skin looking radiant. 

Most of all we love our incredibly loyal customers who make working in our shop and our online store so much fun. 

There Is A Beautiful Swan In Every One of Us Please Let Her Show.... March 10 2017

Remember the story you were told as a little girl about the ugly duckling that grew up being teased and felt ugly because she was different to the other ducks but then as she grew older she changed and her true beauty started to show and then one day she realised she was a beautiful Swan and not an ugly duckling. 

How often have you felt like you were the ugly duckling? How often have you thought to yourself that you are different and not like the other women around you?

You think there is nothing special about you and you’re not even sure if you have any talents or gifts. The truth is, you have no idea of your true self worth and value and thus are hiding your beautiful self.

I see women like this all the time and my heart goes out to them because I can really relate to these inferiority feelings. We grow up being told how important it is to fit in, to make sure we get along with people and to be nice, which of course are all true and important values but we should know that we don’t have to fulfill this at the cost of being true to ourselves, we can have it both ways.

Fulfilling your destiny and being true to yourself allows you to truly shine. When you know who you are and you have the confidence and strength to stand up for who you are and what you want out of life that is when you truly shine and your beauty is exposed. It takes courage and strength to take that first small step to becoming your dream self but look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are worth it and that the world needs to know the true you.

Perhaps you were like me and grew up in an environment where no-one told you you were capable or talented or attractive. For most of my adult life I was in an environment where we were encouraged to be strong, diligent, disciplined in our values and to pursue character which were all very worthwhile goals but do you know I was 49 years old before anyone ever told me I was attractive.

My ex-husband told me as our marriage unfolded that “I scrubbed up well for an old girl” then one day at a social event a friend asked me why I was single when I was so attractive. Really??

I was absolutely astonished that she thought I was attractive but I had noticed a few people had made similar comments to me recently which got me thinking how come I am now in my middle years and only finding this out now?

I realised that too often this value of being “beautiful” on the inside is advocated so strongly that we don’t tell people that they are gorgeous and that we love their hair, eyes, or sense of style.

Vanity and pride are frequently admonished as “sins to avoid” and thus feeling good about who you are or what you look like is strongly frowned upon.

This is of course ridiculous because everything created in nature is beautiful and has it’s own natural beauty and is a joy to look at when we take the time to look. The universe around us was designed as one big art work for us to enjoy.  

Looking good and feeling good about ourselves should be a part of who we are. I truly believe that there is a Swan inside every single one of us just waiting to be shown.

You are not being vain, proud, arrogant or selfish when you decide to accept who you are and rejoice in that. You are simply becoming confident, enthusiastic about life and the possibilities in life. You are daring to take the risk that life can be good and beautiful even for someone like you.

Whilst I do strongly advocate being a beautiful person in your heart and your values I also believe that we should be able to feel good about how we look and who we are on the outside. I think we should enjoy life and do everything in our power to be the best version of our self so that we inspire, encourage and motivate those around us, but most of all just so that we feel good about who we are. You are divine so stop trying to hide it.

If you have previously wondered about your worth, what your purpose is or where you fit in know that you were created with the gorgeous personality that you have for the world to enjoy YOU. 

Look your best, be your best and feel good about who you are because that way you will be a blessing to those around you and hopefully be inspired to feel good about yourself. 

Joy to you. xx


Forever Young... What are the Key contributors to younger looking skin? February 16 2017

Forever Young... 

What are the key contributors to younger looking skin?

I love it when research confirms that the way we look and age is in our own hands and not just about the genes we inherited. A recent study by Proctor & Gamble’s Olay brand and 23andMe genetics company, found that the key factors which defined those with younger looking skin were that they applied sun protection to their skin, and they had a positive attitude. Of those who were told they looked 10 years (or more) younger than their actual age, most were in the over 60 age bracket. There were over 155,000 participants in the study and the main take out from the study was that lifestyle really matters.

Interestingly, participants identified as having younger looking skin were found to be those who had a positive outlook on life, with over 30% of those with good attitudes having youthful looking skin. This is good news for those who believe that your 'thoughts really do become things'. Personally though, I would like to have seen a higher percentage than just 30%. I think confidence in yourself is another contributor to a youthful glow, but they haven’t mentioned that in the results. 

Those who didn't fare so well were those with diet, smoking, tanning, lack of sleep or weight issues. "Women who frequently or always suffer from dry skin were 30% less likely to be an exceptional skin ager." 

This is incredibly good news and is something to get excited about because it means even if you did tan too much or have the wrong diet or smoke you can change your habits and improve the appearance of your skin. Dry skin is easily corrected and hydrated with the right products. 

I often hear comments such as "it’s too late for me", or "I never bothered when I was young". But that is the great thing, it isn’t too late to change things, and it's never to late to get healthy radiant looking skin.

One of the wonderful things about using natural products is the fact that the serums and oils penetrate into your skin and hydrate and nourish deeply. In fact several of the botanical serums we use are very similar to the natural sebum that your skin was producing when you were younger, so these skin loving oils have many benefits for you.   

As you may have noticed we also infuse many recognised super foods into our moisturisers and cleansers to help reduce inflammation and redness, whilst also providing added benefits to assist with your skins elasticity and prevent premature aging.
There is a lot happening in the natural beauty industry but one thing to be aware of is the importance of looking at the ingredients. Not everything that looks to be natural is actually natural or is necessarily good for you. Crude oil is a natural resource. So is Arsenic. But you wouldn't want to put either of those on your skin! Skin-loving plant based oils and serums will nourish and hydrate your skin, so looking for these ingredients should always be your first concern.

So, what’s my pick for this month?

I’m absolutely loving our 
Flawless Moisturiser. I know many of you use the Luxe Moisturiser and I love the Luxe too, but as I was one of those who (previously) loved to sit in the sun a lot, I really need the extra help of the Gotu Kola herb to repair the damage. I’m using it at night and loving the results.

In the shower this month I’m crazy about the new
Clay Wash Bars. These are round bars (like the lotion bars) that are a mix of clay and butters and give the absolutely best cleanse to your skin. Especially this time of year! These are also a quick and easy alternative to the clay facemasks.

Finally of course, I'm currently using a lot of our 
Aloe & Cucumber After Sun Skincare!!! Love this lotion for it’s freshness and rehydrating ability. A true summer essential.

You will find all of these products online at

I hope you are all in great health and happiness. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any personal questions or needs.

Take care and enjoy the last of these beautiful summer days.

Founder and Director
Three Wise Mums


Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant & Fresh in Hot Weather January 30 2017

 Coming into summer, we become more conscious of protecting our skin against the harsh Australian elements. Have you noticed how quickly you can burn on these hot summer days? Another issue many experience during the summer time is a glow or oily shine on those warm humid day. So how do we keep this under control and our skin looking radiant but cool? Here are some practical tips to help you glow naturally this summer and appear cool.


Keeping your skin hydrated and looking fresh is certainly a challenge in the summer months but with a little bit of know-how it’s not too difficult. One of the fastest ways to rehydrate your skin is with Aloe Vera, so spraying an Aloe Spritz on your skin will keep you both feeling and looking fresh. Keep a handy spritz in your bag and spritz yourself as needed when you go outside. When you arrive at home or work make sure you refrigerate your spritz to keep it performing at its best and to maintain the longevity. 


Most people think that it’s important to exfoliate in the winter months but tend to forget in the summer time, but have you ever noticed that your skin is a bit oilier in the summertime? During those hot summer days, your body is sweating more and excreting more fluids and toxins. On top of that if your skin is dry your body will over-compensate for the dryness by producing more sebum and thus you get this oily film on your skin, which looks greasy and shiny. It’s therefore important to exfoliate even more so in the summer months so that you slough off those dead skin cells and that extra body oil. A great way to do this is to get into the habit of having a gentle, regular exfoliating routine and a weekly mask for a deep cleanse. This will keep your skin looking young and fresh as the new skin cells can shine through once you’ve cleansed away all the dead skin and surplus oils. 


With the harsh summer sun drying out your skin it’s really important to replenish the moisture and keep your skin hydrated. During the summer months using light oils that penetrate deeply into your skin and keeping your skin soft and moisturised is key to looking young and radiant. There are particular oils that are more beneficial for your skin and that have a natural UV protection such as Rice Bran Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, Camelia Oil just to name a few. Tamanu oil is slightly heavier, but is a fantastic oil with really great healing and protection benefits. It does have a stronger scent, but it’s worth purchasing a body oil with this oil included if you can. Use a a serum on your skin daily in the summer time as the feel is lighter, but the oils will penetrate deeply keeping your skin hydrated and protecting your skin against further sun damage, which in turn protects you from premature aging. Keep your skin hydrated and nourished as you go from air conditioned buildings into the harsh sun by reapplying your moisturiser regularly or spritzing with a hydrating skin spritz. 

Nurture after the sun

Of course, as much as we all try to protect ourselves from sunburn there are the occasional times when we still have to deal with it. Keeping some Aloe Vera, a cucumber, or milk in your fridge as natural soothers will help immensely. We’re all familiar with the great hydrating benefits of Aloe Vera and many know Aloe is great for burns, but so too is the juice of a cucumber as its soothing and cooling benefits will help to repair the damage from the sun naturally. Cucumbers have both analgesic and antioxidant compounds, which will help to soothe sunburn pain when applied regularly to the warm skin.

Another option is to apply milk to your sunburn, which most of us have in the fridge, as the coolness of the milk is soothing to your skin and the protein film aids in easing the discomfort of the burn. 


There are numerous natural sunscreens readily available now and so it makes sense to make use of them as the sun is a main factor in wrinkles and premature aging. The best thing you can do though is wear a hat and dress appropriately. It may not be fashionable to wear a hat at all times but if you truly want to look your best you may want to start the fashion of wearing a hat every time you go out in these hot summer days. You can’t have too much sun protection. Enjoy the outdoors as much as you can, but dress appropriately.

Hopefully these natural tips will help you to breeze through the hot summer days a little easier and keep you looking fresh and radiant at all times. 





Aloe, Cucumber & Green Tea Skin Spritz 100ml


RRP: $20.00



Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Rosehip & Rose Geranium 300gm

RRP: $25.00


Summer Lip Balm with Raspberry & Carrot Seed Oil


RRP: $8.00







Nature & Health Natural Beauty Awards 2017 - Three Wise Mums January 17 2017

"Highly Commended" Natural Face Polish Cleanser January 17 2017


This December Three Wise Mums are celebrating the “Highly Commended” recommendation that we received in the Nature & Health 2017 Natural Beauty Awards for our Herbal Face polish.

We have in the past received high praise from our customers for this herbal exfoliator and heard the stories about how they scraped the tin to get every last bit of this greatly loved cleanser, but to now have a team of health and beauty experts formally recognise and commend our product is just fabulous. Their praise is highly regarded, as we know they have tested and tried numerous products, and our 100% natural herbal cleanser received their praise.

Thanks to its natural cleansing and exfoliating ingredients this natural herbal polish will leave your skin feeling cleansed, soft, and smooth without the harsh scratching. Our herbal polish will leave your skin with a radiant glow, drawing out impurities and oils from your skin and allowing your skin to breathe.

Three Wise Mum’s Herbal Face Polish improves the skin’s texture, removes dead layers, stimulates blood circulation and is an incredibly gentle exfoliator. Your skin will feel clean and conditioned without any hassle or harsh chemicals.

About our Herbal Face Polish

Three Wise Mums Herbal Face Polish 100gm

RRP: $20.00 

Easy to use with a wipe on wipe off application, then a warm rinse. Brings you closer to naturally healthy and beautiful skin. Contains plant proteins such as Chamomile, Thyme and Calendula.

Easy to use with a wipe on wipe off application, then a warm rinse. Brings you closer to healthy beautiful skin.

Ingredients:  Olive Europaea (Olive Oil) infused Calendula Officinalis, Thyme, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Seed Oil, Rice Flour, Citrullus Vulgaris (Watermelon) Seed Oil, Sera Alba (Beeswax) Chamomile Powder, Borago Officinalis Seed Oil ,Citrus Paradisi Essential Oil, Citrus Limonium Essential Oil 

More Information on Three Wise Mums

Three Wise Mums is a 100% Natural Skin care brand that cares for your skin and cares for the environment. We are proud to be a sustainable brand that combines ancient traditions with modern values. With our products we use only ingredients that come from Mother Nature that will soothe and pamper your skin.

Our products are handmade without any chemicals, synthetics, toxins or artificial fragrances and are packaged with the environment in mind. We have a boutique range of moisturisers, body butters, bath and body products that are luxurious and a pleasure to put on your skin.

Three Wise Mums has a reputation for quality and luxury, and this is seen in the presentation of our products and the design and display of our gorgeous shop.

Three Wise Mums has a broad market appeal - from the young mum who is concerned about her child having a skin irritation to the male tradie who has cracked, sore hands to the over- 40 lady who is conscious of what she puts on her skin. 

We are a family owned and operated business that is Australian, boutique and environmentally aware.We are made fresh in the country at our flagship store in Cobargo NSW, and of course all of our products include those “Secret Ingredients” – passion and enthusiasm. 

Angela Clifford has a Diploma in Natural Skin Care Formulations, Diploma in Natural Surfactants, and formulates and makes all of the products on the premises.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions or require any further information.

Angela Clifford


Three Wise Mums

58-60 Princes Highway

Cobargo NSW 2550


Summer Essentials - This summer let natural serums and aloe vera soothe your skin December 29 2016

 This Summer treat your skin to soothing After Sun skin care which is absolutely wonderful for sunburn and dry skin. We have formulated this treat to include organic cucumber and then we add green tea extract for added healing and soothing benefits as well as all the anti-oxidants. 
If you are looking to refresh your skin our Spritz's - Rose and Lavender are just gorgeous. Your skin will feel hydrated and refreshed and the scent is truly divine.
For your evenings outside make sure you put on some of our Mosquit-Go to stop the pesky mosquito bites and don't forget our summer serums and moisturisers to nourish and moisturise your skin.
Keep your skin looking young and fresh this summer with the best from Nature.

Christmas Shopping Hours December 24 2016

Three Wise Mums will be closed from 2:00pm on Saturday 24th December until 9:00 am Thursday 29th December 2016. 

We wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas. Enjoy your families and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Natural Healthy Beauty For All Ages.... August 01 2016

These three women all love their lives, are extremely happy and enjoy the beauty of nature. Their lives are rich with experience and the joy that comes from living a fulfilling and satisfied life but best of all they feel good about who they are and what they are putting on their skin. All three women wear Three Wise Mums skincare and this is one of the things that gives them the advantage for what others term as luck as they go through their days enjoying life to the full.
Three Wise Mums skin care is about passion and enthusiasm and the most wonderful and divine ingredients that come from Mother Nature. It's about celebrating who we are and taking the time to enjoy the simple things in life.
Respecting ancient traditions, enjoying decadent and luxurious ingredients and radiating a glowing appearance is what gives these mature women a definite advantage.
 It's like a soft breeze that just follows them, like a soft gentle scent that if you're lucky you get a whiff of it and then you keep looking and trying to smell it again.
Three Wise Mums is for those women who enjoy life, nature, passion and fun.

Shop naturally in a gorgeous boutique setting July 08 2016

If you love the finer things in life you will love shopping at our Cobargo NSW Store. Watch out for the new winter product range of natural Bath and Shower washes that will absolutely delight your nose and leave your skin feeling silky soft and hydrated.

At Three Wise Mums we grow it country fresh and make it fresh every week, so for 100% natural skincare derived from Nature and hand crafted call in for a chat and sample our beautiful healthy range.

Three Wise Mums we come bearing natures gifts for you.

Winter Newsletter - Natural Healthy Beauty for the Winter Months June 10 2016

Did you miss out on reading our Natural healthy beauty for the Winter months and our great Winter Essentials pack has great savings for this month only but you can read about it in the newsletter. Sign up now...


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Our NEW Shop is Open and Looking Good - Cobargo NSW South Coast May 19 2016

Welcome to our new shop at 58-60 Princes Highway Cobargo. If you are looking for a totally new and different natural shopping experience then you must come and visit us at Three Wise Mums Cobargo.
All of the products are hand crafted in store and are 100% natural. You are welcome to try and touch and smell the products and to just enjoy the gorgeous shop.

The products in the store are made from high quality ingredients designed to pamper and nourish your skin or if you prefer to have a particular product Bespoke made we can tailor that to your needs and requirements. Bespoke products are by appointment only.

If you are looking for a delicious natural skin alternative then you won't find fresher than our country fresh hand crafted products. We use locally grown herbs where we can so that you are putting the best that Mother Nature has to offer on your skin.

Call in because we love to have a chat. 

Open Monday to Saturday 

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Third Time Lucky February 29 2016

Third time lucky this is how we are viewing our move to our new shop. Hooray that we have finally found a shop in Cobargo where we can have a longer lease and it meets our requirements. Whilst the shop is CLOSED at the moment as we await our new shop fit out and painting you can still order your products online or you can call me or text me on 0476159605. 

We look forward to seeing you in the near future in our new shop hopefully around mid-March. Don't hesitate to contact us though if you have a question or would like some help prior to this.

Our new address will be

58-60 Princes Highway

Cobargo NSW 2550

See you there soon.


We Have Moved..... October 06 2015

We have moved! You can find us at Shop 4, Haydon House, Princes Highway, Cobargo.
We are now next door to Sweet Home Cobargo.
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Spring Cleanse Your Skin September 09 2015

It's that time of year that we are doing a big Spring cleanse around the house and looking to freshen things up and this is a great time to give yourself a skin detox and cleanse.

We see all the fresh buds on the trees, the new little lambs running around in the paddocks and there is a freshness and newness about Spring that is enticing. The scent of flowers, the blue skies and the fresh air encourage us that beautiful warm days are on the way. 

Spend some time pampering yourself with a Facial Steam, then continue the cleanse with a deep cleansing face mask that will draw out the toxins and then finally rehydrate your skin with a beautiful serum or face balm. 

Treat the rest of your body to a scrub or soak in the bath with some salts, milk, herbs and gorgeous scents.

Finally moisturise and rehydrate your skin with a nourishing moisturiser. Gently rub the oils into your skin and breathe in the scents of nature. Massage the natural oils into your skin and remind yourself of the Goddess you are. Your natural beauty is enhanced by natural products and a little bit of pampering is good for your soul so enjoy yourself.


Give A Gift That is Country Fresh For Fathers Day August 31 2015

This Fathers Day 2015, give your Dad / Husband a gift that will make him feel good. We all loved to be pampered and our Moisturising Face Balms are 100% natural goodness. Our Addiction Body Butter is particularly popular with the men and will be a sure pleaser if you promise to massage it in.  Our Almond Shea Hand Fudge is loved by many "Tradies" and for any man who has sore cracked hands this moisturiser is an absolute treat. Order TODAY to receive it in time for Fathers Day.


A Face Balm for the 40 Plus Woman February 24 2015

 After I’ve had a shower in the mornings I’m looking to put on my facial moisturiser most of the time I will use a face balm but there are times I use the serums as I like to mix it up a bit for my skin.

Generally I find that my face is dry, from time to time I can have that T-zone thing happening but overall my hormones are settled and my skin tends towards dry.

With this in mind I reach for the mature age dry skin face balms. There are 3 face balms that are suitable for me within this category:

Rosehip & Pomegranate Face Balm – a lovely 100% natural selection of oils that will smoothe over my wrinkles, soften my skin and replenish the oils that I have lost. If I were looking for a lighter option I would go for the

Ricebran, Raspberry & Rosehip Face Balm this face balm is definitely our most popular of the facial moisturisers. The light texture on your skin is silky and the benefit of ricebran in harsh climates is an added bonus. Raspberry & Rosehip again add the extra ant-aging benefits as well as dealing with any skin repair / improvement that might be needed. If I were however looking for an Ultra Rich cream I would definitely reach for the Macadamia with Frankincense & Myrrh Moisturising Cream. Macadamia has long been touted for its incredible anti-aging benefits as well as it’s great ability to heal scars and soften skin. When you add to this the benefit of the Frankincense which is reputed to tone skin and the anti-bacterial and healing benefits of myrrh which can be useful for those middle age skin issues then you have a deluxe skin lotion. 

You may know already or have noticed that once you got over the age of 40 your skin reduced the amount of natural oils it was able to produce for you. This is why it’s so important that we now assist it with the nurturing and nourishment that it previously did.

Tight dry skin though can often be the result of chemicals and toxins that are in many personal care products so be aware of what you are putting on your skin.

If you find that your skin is incredibly dry and tight then I would suggest perhaps you need to review what you are using on it or look at your diet and drinking habits. Remember we are what we eat and what we put on our skin does soak in, so I encourage you to massage on the good stuff and let your skin delight in the decadent oils provided by Mother Nature.

As with all of our products because they are 100% cosmeceuticals and not watered down a little goes a long way. For best results apply a small amount to your face, neck and chest area in the morning .



Country Fresh & Made Naturally!!! February 24 2015

If you agree that buying natural handmade skincare made in the beautiful countryside is as good as buying fish and chips at the beach then you are going to love us.

Do you love the smell of freshly mown grass? Do you enjoy being outdoors and seeing the beauty of nature? Do you want to touch the petals of a rose and just bask in their softness and divine scent?

If so at Three Wise Mum’s we are the same as you. We love nature and delight in the natural solutions provided by Mother Nature. We combine our love of herbs and nature with our skincare products. There is absolutely nothing artificial, toxic or synthetic used in our products.

Much of the herbs and flowers that we use in our skincare products are grown here in Cobargo. If we aren’t able to provide it ourselves we buy it off the local organic growers and gardeners.

As a nature loving mum who has grown up in this great Sunburnt country my skin was neglected, dry and frequently cooked. I grew up in an age when as a teenager we would slather on the baby oil and then lie out in the sunshine and cook our skin to that nice brown tan.

As time passed being a busy mum there were just too many other important things to deal with and my skin just wasn’t a priority so it wasn’t until I was about 40 years old that I really started to be concerned with the condition of my skin.

Finding a solution that was natural, Australian made and fit within my budget wasn’t easy so I decided to make my own. The more I experimented, studied, researched it and implemented the more I fell in love with the natural range of oils and creams that I could make.

Of course I wanted to share my love of nature with my family and friends and so from there has grown the range of products that are now readily available in our Three Wise Mums store. (If you haven’t visited our store, you are truly missing out!!)

At Three Wise Mums not only are our products made in Australia but they are made for the Aussie woman. We take pride in being creative and stylish. Our products are natural but are not in the least without style or character. Nature is full of beauty and pizzaz and we try to incorporate that into our shop, our presentation and our products.

If you enjoy nature, all things natural and handmade luxurious quality products then drop in to see us at 55 Princess Highway Cobargo NSW 2550 or visit us online at


Come into the shop and receive that old fashioned service and a chat free of charge.


Bespoke skincare products made to order.

Old Wives Tales or Natural Science September 03 2014

I frequently hear people discuss the benefits of using natural products or natural wellness solutions as though they are old wives tales. I smile at them nicely and think to myself how unlucky they are and how blessed I am to have been exposed to so much great information.

In this modern era there is so much information it's incredible and so it's incredibly easy really to find out how many of the supposed old wives tales are actually truly beneficial.

Check out the book Healing Spices by Bharat B. Aggarwal, PhD, with Debora Yost, read the incredible benefits of Tumeric

Check out the research released by the American Journal of Therapeutics 

Check out the goodness of strawberries

Check out how Calendula is helping people with rashes from radiation

Check out how Thyme is incredibly effective for Acne

Of course there is heaps more and the list could go on and on but the truth is that Mother Nature is an excellent healer, soother, restorer and pampers us. Why take a synthetic option when you can have the real thing?


Why use natural skincare? September 03 2014


That’s a good question. If you are someone who wants to take control of what you put on your skin or maybe you just want to enjoy the best that nature can offer you whatever your reason for looking at natural skin care solutions we want to encourage you in your decision.


Maybe you’re just like me, someone who is aware of what they put on their skin, is environmentally conscious and just enjoys the goodness derived from natural ingredients that have been used for generations. I love the ancient traditions that have been practiced for years the history of the basic goodness in natural ingredients and the pure goodness of using ingredients that will balance my skin and natural wellness. When you feel good about your skin, your appearance and your wellbeing you radiate a feeling of contentment that is noticeable to others.


Natural herbs and ingredients are nourishing, pampering, cleansing and fragrant which is soothing to your spirit and soul.


Using natural products gives you the power to be in control of what you put on your skin. We live in a world that is becoming more and more conscious about what we put in our bodies food wise, we are conscious of the environment and the footprint we leave and yet so many people give so little thought to the toxic cocktails they put on their skin everyday. The harsh chemicals and toxic synthetics not only absorb into your skin but frequently they remain in your system. More and more evidence and studies are showing that the chemicals and toxins from various products are affecting our health and are even destroying our hormonal balance and reproductive systems. When we put pesticides, formaldehyde and mechanical coolants which are used in many skin care products on our skin they soak in. Obviously this has an affect. Think about the damage we see to the rivers and oceans when there is an oil spill and the destruction that results from that. Why do we think applying those products to our bodies will have a different result?


For thousands of years the benefits of herbs, oils and butters were applied to pamper and nourish the skin and we encourage you to continue with these traditions. Let us help you to discover the natural secrets that will benefit and nourish your skin. We are all individual and our lifestyle affects our skin so we welcome the opportunity to tailor a skin package that is suited to your skin and your lifestyle commitments.


Enjoy life.